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First Time Showing Up? You'll be greeted with a smile and encouragement!

Yes! You've found a run or event to attend and now your going to show up for the first time! How does this work?

  • Running with us is always FREE! All it takes to be a part of CAR is to show up, then keep showing up.

  • Show up a little early and introduce yourself to a fellow runner and be sure to mention it's your first run!

  • Let us know your goal distance and pace and we'll link you up with a fellow runner / group.

  • We'll let you know the route and what to expect on the route (Hills, road crossings, traffic, etc)

  • We usually take a group photo just before stepping off, all are welcome in the photo.

  • Enjoy the run. We do our best not to let new runners go solo on their first run!

  • Stick around after for a very informal social and meet some new people and make a friend or two.

  • All paces / distances are welcome. We have runners logging 5-miles under 40 minutes to walkers and joggers. We have runners from 10yrs old up to their 80's. Whatever your pace / distance you'll find a place here. 


Welcome new runners! I'm glad you've found us, read below for some insights into our Run Club.


To run with CAR is always free and open to runners of all abilities.


All it takes to be a part of Clayton Area Runners is to show up, then keep showing up.

You don't need expensive running shoes, gear or a running watch. You don't need to sign up for any races or be a Marathoner. You don't need to be capable of running a 5K or 2miles. There is no "minimum expectation" for distance and pace. You don't need to be "fit" or a running fanatic. You don't need to drink any beer after a run.

Show up, put in the work, be supportive of others and participate in the club as much or as little as you'd like.

You'll find that your running will improve and you'll make some friends along the way. You may also find yourself voluntarily, and excitedly signing up for a race with those friends.

What makes the club so great is the people, it's that simple.

If you've had a great experience with the club, be one of those people that perpetuates that experience for others.

Have a good run! ~Jesse (Club President)

Contact Us.

Joining Clayton Area Runners is as easy as just showing up to a run or event. Contact us if you have questions, concerns or would like to volunteer with us.

Thanks for submitting!

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We are always welcoming to new companies, groups or individuals that would like to help us meet our goals. We love our sponsors and thank you for everything!

If you would like to become a sponsor, please email us at

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