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Saturday ~ Free Association Running

Free Association Running: These are unofficial meetups of runners on the weekends to get in the miles with friends. These impromptu runs are generally organized just a few days in advance and are open invites to everyone. Distances range from 2 miles to +15 with paces of all variances. These runs are an open invite to all runners.


How does is work?

At our weekly runs someone will float the idea of getting in a weekend run to the group or other runners. This is the match that starts the fire!

A runner will post in our Facebook Group about the weekend run or may create a FB "event" for the run. This post is an Open Invite to all runners.

The post usually includes: 

  • Distance the organizer is wanting to do.​

  • Expected Pace

  • Starting Location and Time

This open invite is for everyone and the distance and pace are not requirements to attend. This is a "your pace-your distance" event. 


"Your Pace-Your Distance"

Not all runners are going to be running the same pace or going the same distance and that's alright. 

At the start, runners will self identify their goal distance and pace and different cohorts start to emerge. Once there is an idea of who is doing what, the group starts together. 

Once started, each runner will run their own pace and distance. If you feel like turning around early, go ahead. If you are feeling good and want to stretch it out a few more miles, that's great!

If you are looking for a little bit of a challenge, join a few runners who are going a little faster or further than your goal. 


Prior to the start of the run we always take a group photo. This is 100% Voluntary and choosing not to be in the picture is alright. 

We take a starting photo to let our club and community know we are out here running and to get accountability of how many runners are on trail and what you're wearing. It's for both social engagement and safety. 

Generally, following the run there is an impromptu breakfast or coffee meetup at a local place in Clayton or nearby. If you hear it discussed, it's an open invite to everyone. There is no expectation to attend and sometimes there is no post-run social. 

Expect to have a good time! Expect to be greeted with a smile and get in some miles with friends. You may make a new friend or get to know someone a little better than before. Long runs tend to have that effect. 

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