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Group Trail Runs

Our Group Trail Runs take place at the Bailey and Sarah Williamson Preserve located just north of Clayton. The trails offer +16 miles single-track trails that are smooth and fast. These runs are open to all runners of all paces and distances. We try to make this a monthly event in the club depending on weather. 


How does is work?

We meet up at the parking lot located at the North end of the Preserve. We stretch, talk about distances and what to expect before taking a group picture and stepping off as a group.

Following the run we will sometimes hold a very informal breakfast social at the parking lot or a nearby coffee shop. All are invited. 

There is a porta-john at the parking lot but no water available at the parking lot or on trail. Please plan accordingly. 

These trails are single-track and smooth with very few roots or rocks. These trails are great for beginners as trail shoes are not required and the trail has little in elevation changes.

12.9.2023_Trail Run.jpg

"Your Pace-Your Distance"

Not all runners are going to be running the same pace or going the same distance and that's alright. 

At the start, runners will self identify their goal distance and we'll figure out who will turn around when. Runners will naturally space out with the faster runners moving up to the front.


The trails are a series of loops with intersections where the loops converge. At these intersections we'll stop, get accountability, check in with everyone before sorting out who will turn around to complete their run or to keep going south for more miles.  


We'll be running in a group setting but that is not required. If you want to keep going and run through the intersections, that's ok. Need to step it out and go faster than the group, that's ok too. Just let someone know. 

Maybe you feel like taking it easy and know you won't be keeping up with the group. That's ok too! Just let us know your mileage and we'll keep an eye on you. 

Mileage on trail is completely up to each individual runner. You can turn around at any intersection and mileage can range from 2-miles up to +16. 

Expect to carry your own water, nutrition and toilet paper. There are no facilities on trail. 

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