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Tuesday Run at Vinson's Pub & Eatery

Our Tuesday runners meet at Vinson's Pub & Eatery around 6:15pm before stepping off at 6:30pm. When you arrive, just look for the runners who will be standing around and stretching in front. We're easy to identify by our running shoes, shorts or reflective gear.  You'll be greeted with a smile and someone will ask about how far you'd like to go and what pace. Just remember, there is no such thing as "Slow", we all go our own pace!


Who you'll meet.

At our Tuesday run you will most likely meet some of our regulars: Kristin, Fox, Carrie and Anthony to name a few.  Everyone is friendly and all you have to do is say "Hello" and let us know it's your first time out.

All it takes to be a part of CAR is to show up, then keep showing up. The more you show up, the more names you'll know and faces you'll recognize. You'll soon have the route memorized and will most likely make a few more friends!


How does this work?

We meet up around 6:15pm and start figuring out who is going what distance at what pace. Many times there are are 2 or 3 people of similar ability who will run with you if you'd like. If you like to run solo, just let us know. 

At 6:30pm we take a group picture to let our community know we're out here and for safety. After the picture we get the watches ready and depart down Main St.

After the run, everyone is invited to stick around for our very informal social that usually includes some food and a drink. There is never any pressure to drink alcohol and if you need to run and go home, that's ok! We're just happy you put in some miles.

The Route

Most runners get in a 5K run at a minimum but that is not a requirement. If you are building up to your first mile, that's highly encouraged. If you'd like to get in 5 or more, that's a welcome adventure too. 

This route starts at Vinson's and requires some road running for approximately 0.2 miles before crossing at the Railroad Tracks to the post office. 


The route then follows the sidewalk East towards HWY42. To get in a full 5K will require a short trip down into the Walden neighborhood.  

Tuesday Run_Route_Strava.png
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